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Well, why not one more Record Pumpkin for the season. What a ďrecord breakingĒ year itís been for us! ...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

ANOTHER WORLD RECORD!! We're on a roll this year! Dear Neptune's Harvest, We used your Fish & Seaweed, on an 8-10...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Friday, November 5, 2021

Another record! ďI have used Neptuneís Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer for years with great success,...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Monday, November 1, 2021

This just in, from the grower of the heaviest pumpkin in North America this year! I've been using Neptune's Harvest...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Friday, October 29, 2021

Dear Neptune's Harvest, Here is my bougainvillea that Iíve been treating with the Rose and Flowering for the last month....

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Flower growers, better get your sunglasses out! Youíre gonna want to use them when youíre looking at how bright those colors are! 😁

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Neptuneís Harvest Fertilizer is a complete game changer for this organic home gardener! I use the liquid Fish & Seaweed...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dear Neptuneís Harvest, Take a look at these photos which I took this morning. Let me explain. This is a wall garden of...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Thursday, November 19, 2020

ANOTHER RECORD!!! Say, just wanted to give a quick thanks. You guys definitely helped me grow the largest pumpkin in...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Monday, November 2, 2020

ANOTHER WORLD RECORD UNDER OUR BELT!!! This World Record 470.5 lb. Bushel Gourd was growing right up to the day I...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dear Neptune's Harvest, My tomatoes are well on their way to 6 feet tall!! I'm 5' 9" barefoot!! I foliar spray with...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Your fertilizer is great! Never had tomatoes this big! Rachel in MO.

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I'm using your products in my garden with good results... Here's a photo of my tomatoes last year. They grew to 13ft....

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Took a field trip to Beverly, MA., recently to visit one of our biggest fans, Fuzzy. He grows over 50 varieties of...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Friday, September 18, 2020

THIS JUST IN: I've used Neptune's Harvest products since day one of my giant vegetable quest, 18 years ago. Neptune's...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dear Neptune's Harvest, These are my two African Violets that are over 25 years old. I fertilize them twice a month...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A picture says 1000 words.

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hi Neptune's, Here's a few pics of the craziness coming out of my garden this year. It's unbelievable! Thank you, Missy in MA.

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

MORE GIANTS AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS! I wanted to show you my results with my giant pumpkins. I had a great year! I grew one...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Sunday, October 21, 2018

PEANUT DAY in MN. All my neighbors up here in chilly 3b are like.... you planted WHAT??? But Iíve been harvesting and...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Monday, October 22, 2018

BIGGEST PUMPKIN EVER GROWN IN NORTH AMERICA!!! To: Neptuneís Harvest Organic Fertilizer Family From: Steve Geddes,...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

AWESOME LAWN AND MELONS HERE IN NORTH DAKOTA! I canít thank you guys enough for making our lawn at our house we just...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Thursday, September 27, 2018

IT'S PUMPKIN WEIGH-OFF TIME!!! My giant pumpkins love your products! I have a new "personal best" Giant Pumpkin....

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Your Fish and Seaweed has been in my rotation since my plants were seedlings. It's hard to believe that in only my...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Friday, August 31, 2018

My god the Liquid Seaweed is amazing! Iíve been using it along with your Fish Fertilizer, but more so the Seaweed and...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Monday, August 20, 2018

My giant pumpkins love your products! This is my second year of growing giant pumpkins. I started last year using...

Posted by Neptune's Harvest on Thursday, August 16, 2018

Beer Garden Ė Hops Grower
Beer Garden Ė Hops Grower

These hops have been growing for 6 years. When I planted them the plan was to create an ornamental beer garden that also produced a good amount of fruit. So these hops were not planted for maximum cultivation. My objective was to make a house and gazebo out of them. I used to work for fresh based out of Oregon. It was here I learned hand on hops knowledge and had witnessed several similar structures. In my garden I planted 11 varieties of hops nugget, horizon, goldings, tetnang, hallertau, fuggles, glacier, Willamette, centennial and Cascade. A large portion of my growth is cascade but all of these produce healthy hops. The first year they grow around 7-9 feet and will produce a small amount of hops about an ounce or so based on style. Each year after they start rapidly increasing size and yields. It was the third year that I started to use your product and noticed a massive increase in the health of my plants and my harvest. Several of these styles of hops are not known to grow well at all in New England and did tend to struggle for the first two years. After using Neptuneís Harvest Iím happy to say they are growing stronger every year and are producing healthy fruit. In all I have 30 plants and this year my wet hop harvest produced 23lbs! Not too shabby for an ornamental garden. Your product is most definitely a game changer and only has be used so often. If you are growing hops without Neptuneís Harvest you are doing a severe injustice to your hops. If you are growing hops and not using Neptuneís Harvest you are doing a severe injustice to your hops.

PJ Peckham, Massachusetts

My wife and I, who are growers of soldier beans (10 acres) and soybeans (10 acres), have been so amazed by our yield this year on the fields where we sprayed Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer that we are planning to increase to 50 acres of each in the Spring of 2011. Seventeen to twenty-four pods per bean plant is unheard of, but that's just what we are getting. Other growers in the area are actually coming here to see for themselves what our fields are doing.

One thing we noticed about our fields was that you can see the difference where we had not sprayed and where we started spraying by the colour of the plants: YELLOW where we had not sprayed with Neptune's Harvest and GREEN where we had. Our fields, sprayed with Neptune's Harvest, are still a lush green.

Because of the remarkable qualities of Neptune's Harvest, we found that it is not necessary for growers to use binders as they have in the past in conjunction with their spray.

We were also impressed by the fact that in the summer before I sprayed with Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer, I noticed swarms of black insects on my soldier bean plants. Later that day, I sprayed with Neptune's Harvest and the next day, on examining my plants, there were no more black insects that day or for the rest of the season.

We are so confident in Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer that we highly recommend it to all growers.


Peggy and Jeff Graham
Ashland, New Brunswick

As I am on my way out to fertilize, I just have to say that this is the best fertilized we have ever used! Things literally seem to grow overnight!

The sales associates at my local garden center recommend it over all other products, and the results speak for themselves. I would recommend it to anyone.

Noreen Leary
Burlington, MA

His Great Pumpkin is 1,900 lbs. (and still growing).
Every year my soil tests indicate a need for amendments and replenishments because in this sport of extreme Giant Pumpkin gardening I know that the roots of my plants are always searching the surrounding soil rhizosphere, for nutrient sources in order to produce some exceptionally large Atlantic Giant fruits.

So to keep up with the demands of my plants by using fast acting Neptune’s Harvest fertilizers, and I keep a couple aged leaf compost piles ready to use. They are usually packed with red wriggler worms, and nutrient rich worm castings. But I think the foliar applications of Organic Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed, are most important, for my plants health. My young Pumpkin Plants and leaves were always very healthy, green, and fast growing, after spraying a Neptune’s Harvest Fish/Seaweed/Compost solution on them.

This year I increased the foliar spray applications of Neptune’s Fish and Seaweed to my plants, from weekly to almost a biweekly rate during July and August but mostly during early August when the Giant Pumpkins entered their Rapid Growth Phase. For 2 weeks this plant was growing at about 40 lbs per day. I firmly believe foliar sprayed Neptune’s Harvest seaweed helped to keep the vigor in the green leaves, and the roots healthy; while the Pumpkin was drawing so much energy out of the ground, that the dirt would be dry at the end of every mid summer day. And my 1568 pound Giant Pumpkin, which was receiving more of your organic Fish emulsion fertilizer than my other plants just would not stop growing, while the plant leaves remained green, healthy, and somewhat mildew resistant, up till late September. Unfortunately a small area of this pumpkin, under the stem was a little over ripe and a small leak was noted at the Fair, so it was displayed for exhibition only. But the fact remains that she did grow to an amazing weight, and it was the largest Giant Pumpkin grown in the world, in 2008.

Thanks again,
Steve Connolly
Sharon, MA

Check out the pumpkin I grew this year in a 400 square foot patch! It weighed 855 pounds and was the 4th heaviest in Utah for 2008. This is my 5th year growing Atlantic Giants and my previous best was 404 pounds in 2007. That's a 451 pound gain in one year! My 855 also weighed 17% over the OTT estimate!

One of the only things I did differently this year was that I religiously applied Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed Blend to the leaves, stems and vines once a week. I also applied the Fish/Seaweed Blend to the soil in April as a drench prior to planting. I also used the Fish/Seaweed Blend on my tomatoes, banana squash and cucumbers with great success. I did not use any other liquid or chemical fertilizers in 2008 and it was my best garden yet. The leaves on my plants were the biggest and healthiest I've ever had, which I believe dramatically increased the plant's energy production for fruit growth.

I've read many other testimonials about your products on your website, and how they really increase plant performance. Please add me to the long list of Neptune's Harvest success stories! I've already ordered my Neptune's Harvest products for next year!


Russ Haslam
South Jordan, Utah

To Neptune’s Harvest

I could hardly believe my eyes when these enormous Sweet Potatoes, weighing between 4 and 6 Lbs., emerged from our little Organic Garden in October 2008.

My Organic Gardening partner, Maureen, and I thought we would take a chance to grow some Sweet Potatoes at a small Community Garden, owned by Ann Fisk, in Rockport, Massachusetts, in May of this year. Ordinarily, Sweet Potatoes prefer the long, warm growing seasons of the Mid-Atlantic States, so we did not expect to have a great deal of success with these in our short-seasoned climate. In a mound of soil enhanced with compost, then covered with a black plastic sheet with holes cut through, we planted the rootstocks, called ‘Georgia Jets’, which were ordered from Jung’s Supply Catalog. We started feeding them with Neptune’s Harvest and continued to do so – according to the directions on the label – approximately every other week. These are the results, in only five months. We had hoped to have just a few at best. We harvested bucketfuls of various sizes. We are, of course, more than a bit amazed. And we have been met with ‘stunned’ expressions when showing these huge anomalies around the Community.

The benefits of applying Neptune’s Harvest has been shown in other areas of the Garden also. We are still harvesting green leafy vegetables, in October, such as Swiss Chard, which were planted in April. During the hot, dry summer months, those plants had shown some signs of fatigue, however, in the days following their feeding of Neptune’s Harvest they would stand tall and firm. We have also had great success with Brussels sprouts, which had failed in previous years, yet have grown to nearly five feet tall this year.

Another surprising example of the benefits of using Neptune’s Harvest was shown in the recent recovery of a Tomato Plant which a friend had in his yard that had produced only two pieces of fruit by mid-season and had essentially stopped growing. We began feeding it with Neptune’s Harvest in early August. The Tomatoes that plant eventually produced, in mid-October, filled nearly half of a large paper shopping bag.

As a proletarian Gardener, it is quite apparent that the value of the additional production gained by the application of Neptune’s Harvest far exceeds the purchasing cost. Our need for utilizing supplemental fertilizer has been found in just this one item. We have been practicing our chemical-free, Organic Gardening techniques for many years. The results we have seen from using Neptune’s Harvest can reasonably explain how 5 Lb. Sweet Potatoes can be grown in New England’s climate. Much appreciation is had for the folks at Neptune’s Harvest for providing Organic Gardeners with such an extraordinary product.

Mark S. Fuller
Gloucester, MA

These tomato were not only HUGE (almost 2 lbs. each), they were the sweetest, most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. I cut some up one night and passed them around at a party, with nothing but a little salt and pepper. My friends could not get enough of them. I kept having to go back to the kitchen and cut up more, because they just kept disappearing.

Luckily, because of your products, I had plenty.

Thank you Neptune’s Harvest. This was my first try at a garden, and you made me look like I knew what I was doing.

Below are testimonials from Joe Jutras and Don Young, growers
of the two largest pumpkins in the world in 2007

Dear Neptune’s Harvest

Once again, your natural fertilizing products helped me to grow a new world record! This year, I grew a giant pumpkin weighing 1689 lbs!!

I started out this year with a new patch; I had a long way to go to bring my loam up to world class potential. First, I did a soil test to know how much lime and gypsum to use. I then added some cow manure and some of your 12% humate concentrate along with some granular kelp for my fall soil prep. In the spring I added another application of kelp and tilled it all into my soil.

During the growing season, I fertilized twice weekly with your seaweed and fish & seaweed blend, using it as a foliar spray and a drench. I also added humate concentrate to my compost tea application.

My plants grew vigorous and strong and looked healthy all summer long! In 11 years of growing giant pumpkins, I have never grown so many heavy pumpkins in my patch and I owe it all to Neptune‘s Harvest! Thank you for your wonderful products!

A truly satisfied customer,
Joe Jutras

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

I have seen a big difference in my garden ever since I started using Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizers. I can really tell the difference. Early on my plants were the best looking, healthy and shiny, with the greenest leaves I’ve ever seen. I have seen the light!

Years ago I used granular fertilizer and other brands, but since I’ve used Neptune’s Harvest I know there’s no better product out there.

In 2007, I grew a 1,662-pound pumpkin, which is the 2nd largest in the world. I also used the Fish and Seaweed on other vegetables I grew in the garden with unbelievable yields and quality of tomatoes, onions and sweet corn. The secret's out!

If you want bigger healthier plants and vegetables you need Neptune’s Harvest products.

Don Young
Des Moines, Iowa

I took this photo with my phone last night, this is Italian Parsley gone wild! I had already cut it back once! These are from seeds! The stuff just works unbelievably good. My wife sad she was going to make a video "Herbs Gone Wild".....said it would appeal to little old Italian men that live to garden (like me!).

I really can't believe how good the fertilizer works. I wish I had taken photos of my herb garden before I thinned it wife could not believe her eyes! If I remember I will take some additional shots...I will never use anything else!
Thank you,

Michael Reali
Portland, ME

I wanted to let you know I have all my neighbors now purchasing your products. They all asked how the plants are so healthy and growing so fast. I am a huge fan of your Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer. It really works better than any other organic fertilizers I have ever used.

I would also like to say how fast my product arrived, last time I ordered.


Jennifer Brennan
Berkley, MA

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

I would like to inform you that your products have done an excellent job. It has amazed us how well the 2-4-1 Fish Fertilizer worked out. Over a three-month period we put the plants through several types of weather conditions.

The plants we used were peppers, roses, green beans, melons, tomatoes, mint, and an assorted mixture of wildflowers, strawberries, and tomatoes.

After they first started to grow we maintained perfect growing conditions. We used topsoil and added the correct amount of 2-4-1, to the watering system. After two weeks the pepper plants, for example, were over 13 inches in height.

We then put the plants through a drought condition, and after they had started to die we brought them back into the greenhouse were we started to immediately apply the fertilizer again. We had to cut a little of the plant leaves back, but after three days new leaves started to grow and the older leaves picked right up.

Next we wanted to do a test to see how well the plants would do in a simulated frost condition. We took the plants and put them into three refrigerators for three days. They started to drop pretty fast, so we brought them back into the greenhouse and started the recovery system all over again. Within four days all of the plants were back to normal.

Now for our review:

We here at The American Farm Report would RECOMMEND the use of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer for anyone that would like to grow fresh food, and flowers using organic fertilizers, instead of commercial fertilizers. We believe that by following the directions on the container, you will have the top garden in the neighborhood.

Also, you can know that your vegetables were raised with NO harmful products, and you may have a longer production time. If you have a greenhouse, you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor all year long!! Here at The American Farm Report, we test fertilizers and soil samples, and when a product stands out like Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer, we put our name on the line when we say that it is one of the best products to come our way!!

David J. Heywood
The American Farm Report

Dear Neptune Harvest,

I've been growing giant pumpkins for the last ten years and have always used Neptune's Harvest products with great results. This year, I tried growing long gourds for the first time and thought that what is great for growing pumpkins would be great for growing long gourds too. I sprayed the leaves with seaweed and drenched the soil with fish and seaweed on a weekly basis. The leaves always had a nice green, healthy shine the day after a feeding. As you can see, the plants grew vigorous and the long gourds were growing 5 - 6" a day! My longest long gourd grew to 126.5" - a new WORLD RECORD!!

I strongly recommend to people, to use these all natural products in their fertilizing program! Thank you, Neptune's Harvest!

Joe Jutras
Scituate, RI

Hello from L.A. (Lower Alabama)

"A picture says a thousand words!" It all began with the use of Neptune's Harvest Fish Emulsion. A visiting friend made the comment that there is a definite difference between our pastures and the neighbors. So we thought we would share his observations.

These photos were taken the same morning on June 6, 2006. The top photo is of our pasture and the bottom is a neighbors directly across our fenceline.
At this time, the cows had been off this pasture for 8 days and we were 13" below normal in rainfall for the year.

We have used your fish emulsion on this land for the past six years. The neighboring pasture was fertilized using conventional practices.

In using your product we have seen a definite improvement in the health of our soil, which in turn has enabled the earthworm and dung beetle populations to dramatically increase. All of the improvements have been a contributing factor to the retention and usage of rainfall and overall health of our soil.

Many thanks for your line of products. We are "VERY SATISFIED!"

George and Lisa Pritchett
Evergreen, Alabama

Dear Neptune's Harvest:

Thank you for letting us tell you about your wonderful products. I recently grew a 1443 lb. pumpkin and had it weighed at the SNGPG, 12th Annual Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Championship, held at Frerich's Farm in Warren, RI. My pumpkin took 1st place and is currently the largest pumpkin grown in New England, and is the 2nd largest pumpkin grown this year (2005) in the world.


I have been growing pumpkins for about 5 years and have been using your Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer faithfully.

This year times were tough and I really didn't have the money to buy the products, but knew I really needed them if I wanted to best my record of an 877 lb. pumpkin from last year, so I broke down and bought the products, and I am glad I made that investment. I used both the liquid Fish and the liquid Seaweed products once a week, and followed the instructions on the label.

When people ask me what I used for fertilizer I tell them NEPTUNE'S HARVEST, of course. I tell people all the time to try your products, and all the pumpkin growers I know love your product as much as I do. I would never use anything but NEPTUNE'S.

Your products are the best and without them I don't know if my pumpkin would have
weighed in at 1443 lbs. this year.

Thank you again for your wonderful products and a great selection.

Scott Palmer
Greene, RI

This pumpkin weighed 1458 lbs. and is the LARGEST PUMPKIN EVER GROWN!

However, it developed a pin hole late in the season and therefore was not eligible for the official weigh-off.

It was grown using Neptune's Harvest products by Bruce Whittier of Henniker, NH during the 2003 season.

NOTE: 2003 was a difficult growing year, due to a long, cold, wet spring, which makes this weight even more of an achievement.

Thanks be to God and Neptune’s Harvest

For the past three years I have used Neptune’s Harvest and the results have been remarkable!

In 2001 I grew a 1,131 lb. and a 1,061 lb. pumpkin on one plant, and the very next year (2002) I grew a 1,186.4 lb. pumpkin. This season, (2003) much to my surprise, two more even larger than the previous years were found in my patch.

One weighed in at 1,301.4 lbs. at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA, and took 1st place in New England. The second one weighed an amazing 1,458 lbs., and was the largest pumpkin ever grown in the world. Unfortunately it did not qualify for competition due to a pinhole.

I have been using Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed faithfully. I use these products according to their directions on a weekly basis.

Hats off to Neptune’s Harvest, and again, thanks for your great products and God bless.
Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

This is a picture of a cabbage I grew this year. I give all the credit for this cabbage to Neptune's Harvest. I've grown this type of cabbage, Megaton, for the past three years. This is the first year I used Neptune's Harvest. This year's 15 1/2 lb. head is double the size and weight of what I've grown in previous years without Neptune's Harvest. It was bigger than a basketball!

You certainly made a believer out of me! Great product, thank you!

15 1/2 lbs.

I thought I'd send a picture of the latest and greatest. This one weighed in at 16 1/4 lbs., a new record for me. Neptune's Harvest once again did the trick.

16 1/4 lbs.

18 3/4 lbs.

Here it is! A new record cabbage. Thi this year, other than the Neptune's. We ribly ad hot summer here in western PA. I had almost a dozen 15 and 16 pounders and lots of 10s and 12s. Maybe a 20 pounder next year!

Robert Cody
Wampum, PA
UPDATED 2014 This one weighs 23 lbs., yet another record Cabbage! Neptune's Harvest once again did the trick.

23 lbs.

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

Your Fish/Seaweed is the best! Last year, 2003, I put Spray-n-Grow to the test, and had average results.
In 2004 I put your fertilizer's to the test and it has been 10 times more powerful then the others.

It put all the others to shame, and unworthy to be in your class!!!

Thank you! Thank you!!! You have a customer for life. Neptune's thank you for walking the walk.
You're not all talk like the others.

Mark A. High
Wynnewood, OK

I thought you might enjoy some pictures from our garden. We have had a cool growing season here in SE Michigan this summer, but we were able to grow our favorite sunflowers. We had 22 different kinds, from 12'' high to 13' high.

We really appreciate your fish and seaweed product as it has made a difference year after year. All these flowers were grown with just Fish and Seaweed from Neptune's Harvest.

"Kong Sunflowers"

"Mexican White Corn"
15 ft. and still growing!

Thanks to God and Neptune's Harvest!

Thomas C. Daniel
Auburn Hills, MI

This was a very challenging year for grape growers. A very good blossom time produced an abundance of grapes but was two weeks late, consequently, the harvest was at least two weeks late.

With the wet spring, unusual weather, plus the heavy crop, many of the vineyards were not producing the brix (sugar) necessary to make a ripe and flavorful grape.

This year really proved the benefits of the hydrolyzed fish, seaweed, and humates. Where most grape growers were worrying and complaining about disease and ripeness, my grapes were where they should have been. The brix were at a desirable level and held up very well with the late harvest.

Thank you for your excellent products, explanations on how to use them and service you have shown me. I look forward to continuing to be your customer in the future.


John R. Braun
Glenside Vineyards
Naples, NY

Dear Neptune's Harvest

I'm 79 years old. I've been gardening for over 65 years. I used
Neptune's Harvest for the first time, and I put it on my flowers and I've noticed a difference.

The flowers are bigger and brighter, and the greens are very firm. The funny thing is, I'm visually impaired, yet I can tell a difference and my family agrees as well. My assistant gardener is my 4-year-old grandchild, Nichole, and she planted 25 pumpkin seeds, and I added Neptune's Harvest to each seed and in 15 days, 100% germination. I planted 50 tomato plants, and the next day, each one was standing up straight.

Thank you Neptune's Harvest!

Joe Licata
Valley Stream, NY

"I have grown ‘Giant Pumpkins’ for 15 years. I first used Neptune’s Harvest in 2001, and until then my pumpkins were around 500-600 lbs.

In 2001, my best pumpkin weighed 890.2 and in 2002, I grew the new World Record of 1337.6 lbs.”

Charles Houghton, Sr.
New Boston, NH


“With the help of Neptune’s Harvest products, I grew an 1177 lb. Pumpkin for 2002. I was also the first grower in New England to achieve growing 5 pumpkins in the same year, all weighing over 800 lbs. There is no doubt that my growing successes are attributed to the use of Neptune’s Harvest products”

Jim Kuhn
Goffstown, NH

“Prior to 2001 I hadn’t used Neptune’s Harvest and my pumpkins were in the 500 lb. range. In 2001 I grew two pumpkins on one plant that weighed 1061 lbs., and 1131 lbs.

In 2002 in grew one at 1186.4 lbs. Thanks for a great product!!!”

Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH

Bob Davis - Winthrop, MA
"Can you beat that for 1 bulb!?  One stem with 20 blossoms, another with 18 buds!   Neptune's Harvest, won't use anything else."

Bob Davis
Winthrop, MA

"I have replaced chemical fertilizer with Neptune’s Harvest Fish Hydrolysate and Seaweed. By using these products and rotating peanuts with corn and wheat every three years, my yields have increased.

My CEC, which is how good the soil is to the plant, is increasing every year. It is now 14. I am now selling some loads of peanuts with 76% meat and 61% extra large kernels. They usually run between 60 to 70% meat and 30 to 50% extra large kernels.

These peanuts, grown using the fish and seaweed, are the best tasting peanuts I have ever eaten. If you want good tasting vegetables, use these Neptune products."

Tom J. Harris
Littleton, NC


"I wanted to say WAY TO GO, Sandy and Ann, and all of you at Neptune's Harvest.

You all put out such a great product. We have been using the fish emulsion on everything, from our apple trees to our 100 acres of alfalfa and can't believe the difference in our production. We were getting 4 1/2 tons per acre a year and now we are up to 9.

Heart Mtn. Valley Ranch

We spray it on by plane in the spring about 3 weeks before we are going to cut the hay and it instantly gives it a huge boost, it really starts growing good. Our alfalfa was chest high and no blooms last year when we harvested the first cutting. Here in Wyoming we generally only take two cuttings, we then get the hay off and then we started irrigating again and went back over it again in July and we had another bumper crop. All of our neighbor laughed at us and teased us about raising 100% organic beef and crops and now we are the ones laughing, all the way to the bank. Thanks to you and your awesome product.

We also feed the Kelp to our cattle and what a difference it has made in their health. They are healthy and we have not had anything sick at all since we have been feeding it. We feed it in a mineral feeder free choice and we have found that if they need it they eat it and if they don't, they leave it alone. We also till it in my garden and you should see the beautiful vegetables I had last year here in this zone 3 climate. When I dug my root crops after using the kelp and the fish oil on them, I had probably 20-30 earth worms in a hand full of dirt. This dirt was very sandy and didn't grow much three years ago before I really started adding your product to it and now it is wonderful loamy soil full of microbial life. Thank You again for your wonderful customer service and thank you enough to take the time and the effort to get certified organic, We know what a headache it can be, your organic farms really appreciate the time and care that goes into your product."

Your Friend and Loyal Customer,
Shelly Neff of Heart Mtn. Valley Ranch
Cody, WY


"Since mid-spring of 1994, I have been using Neptune's Harvest liquid fish to boost blossoms, vegetable production and for the over-all health of my landscape specimens.  Quite literally, there is nothing that won't benefit from this water-soluble, organic fertilizer.  Hanging baskets, newly-started seedlings and indoor plants have also become stronger, healthier and more vigorous.   I find that portions of my gardens, fed with Neptune's Harvest on a regular basis, were more resistant to the usual summer onslaught of insects and diseases.

Amazing results also came with using Neptune's Harvest liquid fish as a compost enhancer.  I would state, with confidence, that Neptune's Harvest will cut in half the normal time required to harvest rich, usable compost.  Happy Gardening!"

Deb Lambert
Horticultural Consultant
Lynn, MA

Neptune's Harvest Yields Results
"Neptune's Harvest has been my only fertilizer for the past 3 years.  It can be used on anything that grows.  My garden always shows increased vegetable production, on huge plants.  Neptune's Harvest sprayed on my Kentucky bluegrass lawn, every month during the growing season, made it more drought tolerant, more disease resistant, thicker and always dark green in color even in the summer.

Tulips sprayed before the flower sets showed bigger blooms and more longevity. My roses also respond very well to Neptune's Harvest.  Every year the canes on the roses thicken and pests such as aphids, seem to do less and less damage.

Thank you Neptune's Harvest for your wonderful products."

James Skinner
Winner of a Rockaway Township
Landscape Beautification Award
Rockaway, NJ

"We had great crops using your product last year.  It kept all the deer, raccoons, groundhogs and rabbits away.  We had no damage from these types of pests.

The only thing we are changing this year is that we will use the one with kelp for extra boost. Thank you."

Gary Tripp
Pepper Patch Farms, Inc.
Burkesville, KY

"Three years of applying Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer on my alfalfa, grass hay, vegetables and sweet corn has proved to be a more economical and environmentally friendly way to feed my soil and achieve superior results for sustainable agriculture.

Especially good results were achieved when I used 10 gallons of fish per acre, for the growing season, on my alfalfa. I easily applied it through my irrigation system. I noticed it not only appeared darker green at first, but it stayed that way all season.

I got 4.5 tons per acre on my first cut, where I had traditionally gotten 3 tons.  The same type of success is evident throughout my farm."

Doug Prohl
Grand Forks, B.C.

Neptune's Harvest Yields Results "After using only 2 gallons per acre of Neptune's Harvest Fish Hydrosylate on my alfalfa, when it was 8-10 inches tall this spring, I harvested 2.5 tons per acre on my first cut.  I usually get 1.8 tons per acre on my first cut.  This is one great product!"

Guy St Hilaire
Ste. Agathe, Manitoba,

"Just a note to let you know the Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer that I purchased from you was possibly one of the best things that I have done in my several years of farming.  Over the years we have used many products on an experimental and trial basis that have performed fairly well or at least we thought until the occasion to use Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer.

On an experimental basis, we basically used this on open pollinated and some three way cross corn production. It was unbelievable how the fish brought alive the soil microbes to the point of which was totally amazing.

Neptune's Harvest was applied in the row at one gallon with one gallon of liquid calcium at planting time and came back with one gallon as foliar with two quarts of liquid calcium on the corn test plots. We estimate that our corn on the test harvest with strictly using the fish, yielded approximately 120-125 bushels per acre, or 5-7 bushels better than the check.  We also sent a sample to a certified lab for nutrient/mineral analysis and was very surprised to see the mineral balance and 13% protein in this sample, typical corn protein runs from 6-7%.

Another interesting fact was that in late November, a state sales representative came to our farm to dig a root of corn plant.   The first corn root we dug was approximately 18-20 inches in diameter.  We stood in amazement at the number of earthworms that were still within the root structure of this plant. The one plant that we counted had forty-five earthworms that were still within the root structure.

I contribute this earthworm population in this root zone strictly to the use of Neptune's Harvest fish with the amino acids and a total feeding program for the soil microbes.

It has truly been a pleasure meeting you and I am grateful to have found your product."

John B. Martin III
OCIA Certified Organic
Williamsburg, IN

"We have been using Neptune's Harvest for the last couple of years. The results are fantastic! More growth and an abundance of beautiful roses. We use Neptune's Harvest on all of our gardens, vegetable garden included, with the same wonderful results."

Mr. & Mrs. William Bradley
Magnolia, MA

Mr. & Mrs. William Bradley


"I have been growing 'Giant Pumpkins' around 15 years. I first applied Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer to my pumpkin patch in 2001.  Up until that time I had not grown a pumpkin larger than 500-600 lbs.  In 2001, my best pumpkin weighed 890.2 lbs. and placed 5th in New England that year.  In 2002, my patch yielded 2 pumpkins over 1,000 lbs., the new World Record 1,337.6 lbs. and another at 1,058 lbs. I believe the additional nutrients (in Neptune's Harvest) provided my plants with more 'pumpkin power' which resulted in my record breaking year.

I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it for use in gardens of all types."

Charles Houghton, Sr.
New Boston, NH

The Neptune's Harvest Lawn

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizers have been my only lawn care products since 1994. They have made my grass and soil so healthy that disease and pests are not a problem. The products by Neptune's Harvest have made my lawn so thick and green that weeds cannot find any room to grow. The soil is so healthy, disease can never get a foothold. The products I use are the Liquid Fish, Seaweed and Dry Kelp Meal.

The Kelp Meal applied a couple of times a year, really gives the grass and soil a boost and keeps it green even through drought periods. 5 days after application my lawn had that brilliant green color and renewed vigor. After a 6 week drought and water ban, my lawn was still green. The Fish and Seaweed in liquid form, really gives the grass a boost in times of stress, or when it needs a feeding. It is possible to have lush turf without chemicals of any kind.

Thanks Neptune's Harvest for your outstanding products.

James Skinner
Rockaway, NJ
2 time winner of the
Rockaway Township Beautification Award