Cedarcide PCO Choice

Cedarcide PCO Choice
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PCO Choice is non-toxic, outdoor pest control concentrate that kills and repels unwanted insects without adversely impacting the water, soil, or air.  PCO Choice is safe to spray on plant or vegetable gardens. Unless directly sprayed, PCO is also safe for beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies, etc.

1 Quart of PCO concentrate will treat up to 1 acre (43,560 sq ft).  Apply once a month or as needed.

  • Pet safe
  • Kid safe
  • Safe on plants and soil
  • Kills insects at all life stages
  • Repels unwanted insects
  • Helps repel snakes, spiders and  scorpions 
  • Made in the USA with food grade ingredients 
  • Fresh, cedar scent
  • Long lasting, concentrated solution 
  • Safe for beneficial insects like bees & butterflies (unless directly sprayed) 


Product Information
  • Contains 85% fractionated Texas cedar oil and 15% ethyl lactate
  • Long lasting concentrated solution
  • Spray and dilution information included on label

    How Do I Use It?

    Dilution Instructions:

    Mix 2 oz. Cedarcide PCO Choice per gallon of water. 1 quart of concentrate covers 40,000 sq. ft.

    View the PCO Safety Data Sheet here:

  • View the PCO OMRI Certificate here:

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