GSR Calcium

GSR Growing Calcium & GSR Dormant Calcium

Calcium is like the tour guide and referee to nutrients in the soil. Calcium lowers the conductivity of the soil, and with a lower conductivity minerals that were previously locked up are now available for the plants use. Calcium allows and guides phosphorus to the plants. This process is the start of photosynthesis. It increases sugar, which is energy to the plant and energy increases the growth, structure and nutrient content of the plant. Throughout the world, we stand confident in knowing that the addition of Calcium is a great solution to a wide source of soil problems, including salt, sodium, fungi, weeds, insects, pH, and drought. The growth, health and productivity of all plants are determined by the balance and interaction of many nutrients. Calcium's role is to use its electrical power to assist other minerals for an overall healthy soil that produces quality food.

Calcium is said to be the "Foundation of Life" and is involved in many metabolic and physiological func-tions. Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies, giving us structure and electrically fueling our hearts. It is also one of the most abundant mineral in the bodies of animals. Looking at the food chain, common sense tells us that Calcium should be one of the most abundant minerals in soil. Without available Calcium, none of the other minerals can work at the efficiency needed for optimum plant production. When looking at Calcium, the molecular weight is quite heavy, science tells us that it carries a ( ++) electrical charge. Conventional markets offers a ( ++) Calcium that has very low availability and a slow break down. Until recently, Dolomite, Gypsum or high Calcium has been about the only choices for Calcium. When looking at soil tests and pH levels, options for balancing available Calcium have been less than desirable. Because of the way GSR Calcium is processed, we feel it is the best on the market.

We offer 2 types of GSR Calcium:

GSR Dormant - Applied directly to your soil in the fall or on dormant soil.
GSR Growing - Applied in the spring to growing plants before, during or after seeding.

For added convenience, GSR Calcium can be applied every time you spray the Fish Fertilizer.

Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium ( Ca) Growing Formula 23.56% Dormant Formula 25% Derived from: Limestone

Application Rates:

Apply 1 lb. of Calcium per 10 acres, with a minimum of 10 gallons of clean water per acre. Mix prior to application in a 5-gallon bucket of warm water and then add to the tank. Spraying out in the same tank with the Fish, helps the Calcium work best.

This product should only be applied in accordance with the recommendations from a professional crop consultant, based on a soil analysis and the plant or the crop to be grown. Best results can be achieved by surface application with a sprayer or through an irrigation system. Carefully follow the recommended application rates on the label.

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