BioNatural Blooming Blossoms

Atmospheric N-Fixing Azotobacter Products

The BioNatural Blooming Blossoms® line

of N (Nitrogen) fixing products consists of three OMRI products, two for soil and one for foliage. All contain multiple species of stabilized cyst Azotobacter for N fixation. BioNatural Bioplin fixes N in both nitrate and ammonia forms in the soil. It is used in-row and/or after planting and emergence when root hairs are present. Bioplin feeds off root offshoots making N available for continuous, sustained uptake. BioNatural NutriTech is used in conjunction with Bioplin. NutriTech's primary function is to release phosphate and it also fixes some N. If you have a low P (Phosphorus) reading on your soil test, we urge you to use both ground products. BioNatural NutriFoliar fixes N on the leaf as well as supplies Vitamins B, C and E. B Vitamins are well known growth factors. Foliar N fixation, with this product and the Fish Fertilizer mixed together, represents a major breakthrough in plant feeding, and really increases yield and quality potential.

BioNatural Blooming Blossoms

products provide growers with a valuable tool for taking the "ups & downs" out of a typical organic nitrogen cycle which always seems to be out of sync with the plant needs during its growth cycle. This is particularly true during the late season. Dr. Reams taught that if you could influence/feed a plant during the last 30-45 days, you would have the potential for almost doubling the yield. We believe the BioNatural technology has the potential to stabilize the N flow into a plant through the roots and then provide a steady supply from the leaf surface whenever used. We urge you to try the late foliar feeding of NutriFoliar with Fish or Fish and Seaweed Blend. This will be easy for most high value crops as you are usually going through the fields of berries, grapes, apples and nuts anyway. Field crops may be more difficult, but it may be worth it if you can do it.

BioNatural Blooming Blossoms

multiple award winning products successfully use naturally occurring soil bacteria to unlock N from the air for plant uptake. BioNatural products provide a constant flow of the essential element N, resulting in superior plant growth. BioNatural products are patented worldwide, are very simple to use, and are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environment friendly and 100% natural. Their programs have lead to increased yields on Corn of24 - 45%, increased germination of 95-100% with N fixation in the 50-55 lbs/ A range, have produced 49.5% increased dry matter yield in Wheat, 41 % increases in Grapes, 45% increases in Strawberries and 38% increases with Apples.

Recommended application

For best results use both Bioplin & NutriTech products together at the following rate:

(a) Bioplin 4.4 oz, or 125 ml /per acre (b) NutriTech 4.4 oz, or 125 ml /per acre

Mix with 50 gallons of water to get the spores down into the root zone for high value and field crops.

Fields in "bad" biological shape may need more, and reports from Farmers who went out at double strength said it paid for itself with additional yield. The foliar program uses 250 ml/ Acre (8.8 oz.) in 50 gal water for thorough coverage of foliage. Reduce to 125 ml/ A for third and subsequent foliar sprays. It is recommended best to use with 2-3 gal Fish/ Acre to insure maximum N fixation. The products can function in soil pH from 4.S to 9.0; in temperature ranges from 32 degrees to 110 F and in very low to very high humidity.

Manufacturers note: These products cannot freeze. Make sure they don't get below 20 degrees. Once opened, product should be used up completely. If you not do this, balance of product must be stored in a refrigerator, until balance can be used.

From the manufacturer, General application rate information

COVERAGE AREA 100mL = 1 Acre Greenhouse

250mL = 2.5 Acres Greenhouse and 1 acre Fruits/Vegetables

1L = 10 Acres and 4 Acres Fruits/Vegetables

5L = 50 Acres Greenhouse and 20 Acres Fruits/Vegetables