Hot Pepper Wax Moisture Guard

Hot Pepper Wax Moisture Guard
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Moisture Guard is the "wax" in Hot Pepper Wax. It's what keeps the repellent in place on your plants, trees, and shrubs, and, because it's an antitranspirant, it helps provide an extra dose of moisture loss protection.

Moisture Guard alone has no insect or animal repellent properties. However, because Moisture Guard contains more wax than Hot Pepper Wax, it may be a better choice for plants, trees, and shrubs under certain circummstances - such as:

Protection from winter desiccation. Evergreen trees and shrubs dry out in the winter because while they still lose water through their leaves (& needles), they have a hard time getting water from frozen soil. So, in addition to watering-in your pines, spruces, rhododendrons and holly in the fall before the ground freezes, apply Moisture Guard to reduce this problem.

Protection for transplants. Studies we did with Hot Pepper Wax at Penn State University unintentionally demonstrated the power of an antitranspirant. While our goal was to show how HPW was a great natural insect and animal repellent, all plants that were treated with our products grew bigger than the untreated plants. The only explanation for this was the antitranspirant effect. In other words, the wax reduced moisture loss from the leaves, until the roots regenerated and were able to supply enough water to the plants. This works for newly planted sod, trees and shrubs, or flowers.

The most popular use for Moisture Guard is during the winter holiday season. If you like "real" wreaths, garlands and trees, and if you like to get them in place early and leave them there long after the actual holiday is over, then Moisture Guard can help extend that "fresh green look" that you love.

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