How to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins the All-Organic Way

How to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins the All-Organic Way
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w-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins The All-Organic Way is the fourth book on giant pumpkins. This one takes a new, organic approach to growing them that considers the soil and its members in a whole new way. Don Langevin covers the subject in depth while introducing the concept of the Soil Food Web for maximizing the potential of plants.

There are chapters on soil preparation, seed selection, seed starting, early and late protection, transplanting, critter control, vine burying and pruning, weed and grass control, pollination, insects and diseases, selecting the right fruit, troubles, estimating weight, lifting, harvesting seeds, and more. The Soil Food Web is covered in chapters on bacteria, fungi, earthworms, and more.

Besides all this, there is the most comprehensive presentation of the history of giant pumpkin growing ever written. It covers the many growers and pumpkins responsible for the rise in weights since 1857 and more significantly, the modern history starting in 1976. The lineage of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (the only variety used by competitive giant pumpkin growers) is explored in a way that shows the many contributors responsible for the genetics in the present day Atlantic Giant and Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin varieties.

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